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Heart sign through hands


31 Oct, 2015
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Hello Friends,

Time for another blog entry and today I want to talk about the word “Love”.  No other word has such an intense & diverse meaning and is known globally by the good old “heart” shape.  Isn’t it interesting that we use expressions such as “heart felt”, “speaking from the heart”, to emphasize an action or comment as being emotion based. It is also very interesting how our “Heart Chakra” is the emotion center.

We use expressions such as “I love playing hockey”, “I LOVE Chocolate!” or as one of my favorite comedians Will Ferrell said in the hilarious movie “Anchorman”:

Love is such an amazing “state”, as it also can combine many other emotions with it and makes things “interesting” to say the least. We really need to sit down and think about emotions and how they help us exist in our physical world and also how they can get out of alignment and can control us as well. I have surprised many females with my ability to express my emotions in an unabashed, controlled manner. A large number of both genders are very reserved about expressing their emotions or demonstrating them, as society seems to have branded it as being weak. On the contrary, it takes great strength to be secure in yourself to be able to express emotion and when we hide our emotions it is usually out of embarrassment or insecurity, a form of weakness. As a Medium, I MUST be able to express emotions or I would never be able to adequately relay messages from Spirit. Messages often times are cloaked with emotion and the emotion is key to the message being complete and understood by the receiver.
When we think about the emotion of “Love”, it can also bring out other emotions such as Passion, Jealousy, Fear, Anger, Hate, Sadness, etc. However, “True Love” comes from our Spirit and the other emotions come from our “Ego”. This is what we need to talk about today.

Our Ego takes a lot of flack as being negative or bad. I say that Ego is an important part of “who” we are, as it is the other part of our being. It protects us, it helps guide our path but we need to know when to surrender it to our Spirit side and allow that light to be the one we truly follow. Our Ego loves to be stroked like a cat and craves attention, especially from our “Significant Other” (spouse/partner). Often times we may have something that triggers our insecurities and we both want and need to know we are loved. The important thing to remember in all our interactions is that we all function at differing levels when it comes to being expressive and demonstrative. As stated earlier, I am very comfortable telling and showing those I care about that they are loved and important to my world. However, we still have to be cognisant that what we are comfortable expressing may not be comfortable for the receiver and may really tip them over the edge to have to express in return, even if in a close relationship with them. Sometimes our personal comfort zones can clash and then this leads to “hurt feelings”. Personally, I try to adjust for each person and approach it in a manner they can receive comfortably. Now, this is not always easy and can sometimes leave MY Ego feeling somewhat unfulfilled but that is also part of my journey to surrender Ego a little more each time to Spirit.

Remember, “LOVE” is not just a word…it is not just a “Descriptor”…it is a “State Of Being”. “True Love” is from our core being, our Spirit and is pure, non-expecting, giving, caring, nurturing. When someone we care about tells us they Love us, drink it into your soul. When they do something that shows they love you, it has even more value than a spoken word as they are proving the emotion in physical form.

I want to share a very pertinent image below that I read online last night a dear friend posted. It will help you to know you’re loved without someone saying “I love you” and if you remember this you can surrender your Ego a little bit more to Spirit and thank the person for helping you do so!…………………so, to my friend “thank you” for posting this reminding comment we all need to see. 😉 <3

Other Ways to say I love you

Richard 🙂

hands forming hearts

It's About Ttime


24 Oct, 2015
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Hi Everyone,

I had an interesting and somewhat jolting experience yesterday that I want to share with you all. I have spoken with you on here before about taking a moment to tell a loved one how you feel, for once they are gone – it can be a long time getting re-united, if you know what I mean.

Well, it is important to take time for others and to show them that you care – but what about doing the same for yourself? When I was in my 30’s I had a small hobby farm that was in a rural area. Most of the people living in the area were farmers of some sort. I got to know one older man, and we became friends. He had a tough go over the years. He and his wife had 2 children, a boy and a girl. His son was killed working on a tug boat back in 1963, which caused my friend a lot of sadness. My friend’s wife passed away in 1993 and then his twin brother in 2003. My friend and I would visit often and he’d share stories over coffee. I loved those times with him, he was a kind and caring person who loved a good laugh. I also learned so much about how to do many things on the farm through his mentoring. He was not big in stature, but he was a giant in heart and Spirit! I can remember visiting him in his small farm house that he built himself 50 years earlier. One time he took me on a tour of the basement and it looked like a time capsule to me. It had an older style entertainment room with a small bar and stereo. I could tell that he had not used it much, if at all since the passing of his wife. It felt energetically as if he preserved the memories of his family and friends having fun down there. I had not really started to “use” my abilities on a regular basis back in the 90’s, but I could still sense a lot of things. I felt sentimental energy down in that room and a lot of echos of fun times over the years amongst some of the tragedies.

The reason I am mentioning all of this has to do with how a couple of days ago I felt his energy draw near, as if saying hello to me and I then felt compelled to pay respect at his grave. I have not been there for a few years but he has always been in my mind and heart. Anyhow, I decided to visit his grave and had a hard time locating it but I did find his wife’s and son’s plots. I went onto my phone and checked to see if I could get details of the location of his plot and came across his obituary. December 04, 2005…my dear friend had been gone for 10 years and it only seemed like 5 years. It hit me like a brick! As I sat in my car, tears came to my eyes along with the realization of how much time had slipped through my fingers without even realizing it. My friend had passed away and the world kept turning, the sun would rise and set each day. Nothing of major significance had happened due to his passing – life continued. Only, it continued at it’s normal pace without me noticing it. We get so caught up in our daily routines and life’s demands that we fail to recognize that we are all one day closer to our own demise. It took the passing of my friend 10 years earlier and his giving me a gentle nudge by saying hello to slap me out of my fog. What have I accomplished in those 10 years? What mark have I left on this world that will last when I die? It was a very intense, emotional reality check in that moment. As I am writing this, I am listening to one of my favorite bands (Pink Floyd) and their song “Wish You Were Here”. I want to share the lyrics with you, they are very poignant:

“Wish You Were Here”
“So, so you think you can tell Heaven from Hell, blue skies from pain.
Can you tell a green field from a cold steel rail?
A smile from a veil?
Do you think you can tell?

Did they get you to trade your heroes for ghosts?
Hot ashes for trees?
Hot air for a cool breeze?
Cold comfort for change?
Did you exchange a walk on part in the war for a lead role in a cage?

How I wish, how I wish you were here.
We’re just two lost souls swimming in a fish bowl, year after year,
Running over the same old ground.
What have we found?
The same old fears.
Wish you were here.”

What have you done to leave your mark? Have you lived a truly fulfilling life? Does your idea of fulfilling entail having all the trappings of life (money, big/fancy home, cars, toys, etc.)? Those who know me would say that was me up until 2015. I was materialistic and never thought much of it. I was programmed by society about wearing a certain brand of clothing or driving a certain brand of car. I had many “toys” and things I collected. However, NONE of it truly made me happy. It was a distraction from what I really needed to work on in my life, both personally and professionally. I’m a guitar player and love my gear but was addicted to buying/acquiring more and more. Why? How many guitars can I play at once? Sure, they all look different and sound different but if I had to downsize I could easily get by with 2 – in reality, I could with 1. It comes down to priorities and whether we choose to grow Spiritually or stay stuck in the quagmire of the physical “material” world. I have grown disinterested in most possessions these days and for good reason – they are anchors that prevent us from truly being light and free. My journey with Spirit has been both amazing & exhausting. I have grown so much over this past year but it comes at a price. One cannot be both on the ground and in the air, choices must be made…priorities determined. Possessions and chattel are physical and cannot go with you into the next phase of life (death/afterlife). Why allow them to be something that prevents you from feeling light? Realizing that we can be successful and have a comfortable life, while being in harmony with our Higher Self is the ultimate bliss!

HourglassTime is the ultimate ruler for us in the physical realm and we must remember not to waste it…once a moment is spent, it cannot be retrieved. I have discussed many times with my Clients the concept of the passing of time. We often use the visual of an hour glass to represent the passage of time. During a meditation, my Guide once told me that this is an incorrect perception. We do not know how much time each of us has left in our life and therefore, seeing the remaining sand in the top part of the hour glass gives us a false sense of security – we must make the top part opaque to be accurate. Is there 500,000 grains of sand remaining in the top part of the hour glass, or 50 grains? Nobody knows for certain, which makes it all the more important we make each moment count! Every grain that passes through to the bottom of the hour glass should land with a thunderous clap, demonstrating the significance of that moment having passed and being unable to be lived again.

Don’t let time pass you by…it will happen faster than you can believe and there is no catching up to it!  I hope the lesson I learned helps you on your journey.

Richard 🙂

Dedicated to  Mr. Peter Kasper  1921 – Dec. 4th, 2005, Rest in peace my friend.

Time is Free

Spirit Guides

Spirit Guides

14 Oct, 2015
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Hello again friends,

Here’s a question I often get asked: “What is a Spirit Guide and does everyone have one?”

Well, those are tricky questions, but actually easy to answer.

Yes, everyone has one or more Spirit Guides to help them along their life path. Most people do not “know” who their Guides are because they don’t take time to foster the relationship between themselves and their Guides.

It is really no different than going to an event that is full of strangers, sitting in the corner and no t socializing with anyone. Behaviour (there’s that “-our” Canadian spelling again) such as that will ensure you have a low probability of meeting someone new. How is it any different than taking the time to meet your Spirit Guide? If you do not open your mind and heart to meeting them, you likely will not have any interactions.

So, what is a Spirit Guide? I feel the graphic below sums it up quite nicely (except, I don’t visualize them as Angels – that is another topic entirely!).

Interpersonal spirit guides

First, you need to be open to the possibilities of another life form being able to connect with you from another dimension…


…did everyone just leave the room?

Okay, good – those of you that stayed are at least willing to hear what I am talking about – thank you! 🙂

So, as the graphic says – a Spirit Guide can originate from human, animal or extraterrestrial origin. Now, I know this may sound extremely bizarre at first glance. However, who says that it is not possible?

Interstellar, the movieI LOVED the 2014 movie “Interstellar” and highly recommend you watch it.  The story involves humankind’s need to find another planet to live on, due to exhausting food resources on Earth due to over population.


The movie also has to deal with technical issues involving E=MC2 and “Multiverses”.  The possibility of Multiverses or Parallel Dimensions are seriously discussed by Physicists and how they may tie into our existence.  The movie addresses this topic, along with “ghosts” in a very intriguing manner.  Perhaps “ghosts” are nothing more than someone in a parallel dimension that is able to see and hear us and is trying to communicate.  A fascinating concept when you take a moment to think about it in detail.

What if there was another you in a parallel dimension right now that was out fishing, while you sit there reading this blog entry?  What if that copy of “you”, somehow became aware of your existence and tries to communicate with you through the barrier called the “veil”?  What if you could see/hear another you and you were trying to connect with him/her?

5d wormholeAt this point, I will say that a Spirit Guide is a person, animal or ET that communicates with our “Higher Self” to help us along our life path.

I work with 3 Guides (human) but have had many experiences in past life regressions with E.T.’s and animals.

I encourage all of you to try to connect with your Guide(s) in a meditation. Let them know you’re ready to work with them and receive their messages and guidance. Ask them to reveal themselves to you. Ask for their name, make a mental note of how they look, clothing they may be wearing, smells, do they speak, are they male or female?

This is a really big topic to try to tackle in a brief blog entry, but it is so worthwhile! Once you connect with them, you will want to keep on connecting! In the meantime, go watch the movie “Interstellar”, and then after you watch it, check out this cool documentary from the Discovery Channel about the movie! Interstellar Documentary

Drop me a line below, I would love to hear some of your adventures with your Guides and stories of your first meeting.

Richard 🙂

Old Souls

Old Souls

11 Oct, 2015
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Hi Everyone,

The term “Old Soul(s)” get’s bandied about frequently by many people, but do they truly understand what it means? What constitutes someone as being an Old Soul? Is there a certain age, timeline or a certain number of past lives that makes the benchmark to “qualify” as an Old Soul.

I can speak for myself when I say that I am an Old Soul, and feel it daily from my very core being.

It is not merely a matter of how a person behaves that puts them into this category. Rather, it is their outlook on life and how their past lives come out in their comments, experiences and behaviour (yep – still spelling with “-our” like a good Canadian).

You can often times see it in very young children and how they react to certain situations or even regale you with tales of their past lives and people they knew prior. It can be an amazing sight to witness a child commenting on things on which they should have no knowledge, and have them be accurate!

Old Soul ChildAn “Old Soul” often times will sound much wiser than their physical age should and this will be a tip off that you’re encountering one.  “Past Lives” plays a huge part in who they are now.  It’s funny to say this, but I have always joked that I was born 40 years old!  I never connected well with other kids, as I never could understand why they’d want to do certain things (misbehave, break rules, do drugs/drink).  I was far more comfortable in the company of adults and doing adult activities than I ever was with kids.  Needless to say, I was not all that popular…lol…but, I feel I got the better end of the deal 😉

I found this link that discusses how to recognize an old soul or even if it’s you! Check it out, you may actually be one too!


Are you an old soul?




8 Oct, 2015
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Emotions…….’sigh’….yup, we all have ’em and we all need to deal with ’em!

So, what are these things we call “emotions”? They truly are one of the most amazing, yet baffling energies. In fact, they are not simply a human “affliction” – many animals display them as well. Why do we all have them and how do they function? This has been the topic of many scientific studies for countless years and remains somewhat unsolved to date.

When we think of “Emotions”, we likely think of the most common ones: Happy, Sad, Angry, Scared. However, there are so many combinations of them that form into others. They must blend, otherwise we would be very “mechanical” in our transitions.

I can remember a Physiotherapist once explaining how our musculature works, and how all the muscles blend their movements together to give us fluid motion, versus being segmented and choppy in nature. We must think of our emotions as working in a similar nature. We must transition from one emotion into another smoothly, to do otherwise would be very strange indeed. Imagine seeing someone go from being really angry to happy without the transitional stages. I found this diagram online and you can see what I am speaking of.

Plutchik diagram

On an interesting side note, here is a chart showing the 12 notes of the Chromatic Musical Scale:

Musical scale by Nick Anthonly


That should make you take a moment and think through expressions like “I am feeling blue” or why certain songs can invoke strong emotions.

So, why am I pointing this all out?

One word…”Energy”!

Emotions are energy, music is energy, colour (yes-I am Canadian and that’s how we spell it!) is energy also. Now that we can correlate this into a more tangible perspective, let’s think about how it is that emotions affect us so intensely.

Since emotions are a basic form of energy, we must understand that they can easily mesh with other energies and create imbalances. What I am trying to say is that if we allow our emotions to get out of hand, it can affect not just our mind but will also manifest in physical illnesses as well.

If you turn on a garden hose full blast, then kink the hose, what happens when you remove the kink in the hose? Right – a sudden initial rush of back pressure happens until it becomes regulated back to normal operating pressures.

Same thing happens to our bodies, minds and spirits, when we suppress emotions or life events that affected us on an emotional/energetic level. Sooner or later, the “hose” will un-kink and you will find yourself in the midst of an emotional breakdown.

It is absolutely critical that we process our emotions properly and allow the energy to be released instead of bottled up inside us. Our physical self will find a way to release the energy of the emotion we are suppressing and it will not go easy on us if prolonged.

psoriasisPsoriasis is an example of how our body tries to purge stress and it is our “Response-Ability” to heal ourselves by fully releasing the cause of the condition at the energetic level. The body cannot contain the energy of the emotion indefinitely and purges it through lesions on the skin (see photo below).

Sorry, the photo is not pleasant to see but the reality of how things can affect us must be hammered home sometimes with graphic images.

Do you think this poor woman is enjoying her life? The pain & itching is enough to drive a person insane. But what about her “self-image”? Do you think she has good/positive thoughts about how her physical appearance is in the eyes of others? What do you think that does for her emotional energy? It becomes a bio-feedback loop and just get’s worse and worse, the longer it is allowed to continue. I guarantee this poor lady has some serious issues in her mind that is bringing on suffering severe emotional repercussions.

What is required is for her to do an “Emotional Inventory”.

Find out what key events happened in your life that you have not fully released and take steps to move past it. Go all the way back to your childhood if need be. It is amazing how when we do this, we can actually remember events that happened that still are having a negative impact on us years later that we consciously never thought about.

As a Medium, I connect on an energetic level with my Clients & with Spirit to convey messages. Without my ability to properly process the emotions, the messages from Spirit would likely make little or no sense to my Clients. I have to be able to embrace all emotions, relay them and then release the energy of the emotion or face my becoming unwell.
Emotions are wonderful things and convey so much information. The subtle changes or differences between them is amazing, as they can have huge meanings.

If I was to ask anything of you, my followers, it would be this. Please, take the time to process the energies you encounter each and every day. Reflect upon an event at the end of the day (if you cannot at the time it happens), and process the energy and release it back to the Universe. It serves you no good being bottled up inside your frail body and it will attack you from the inside out, as it looks for a way to be purged.

My Release Therapy Sessions are fabulous at learning how to properly release energy and emotions with awesome results.

I wish you all happiness and healing!

Richard 🙂

Love your parents

Love Your Parents

3 Oct, 2015
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We all make the all-too-common mistake of taking people for granted.  When we think about our parents, typically we envision them living forever in our lives.  The fact of the matter is the expression in the picture above really sums it up in conjunction with the one below.

Love and appreciate your parentsOur daily lives are so chaotic with work, technology and relationships that we lose sight of some of the most important aspects of our life…those who love us and have been beside us since birth. We take spending time with them for granted and it is not until reality steps in and gives us a jolt that we realize we are all human and have a set amount of time in this physical realm.

My Father passed away on March 19, 2007 from a massive brain hemorrhage and it was the hardest thing I have EVER had to go through. I had to perform emergency first aid on him until the fire department arrived, and I knew that this was going to be the last time I was able to tell him I loved him in person.

Don’t think for a second the reality of that situation was not the equivalent of me getting hit upside the head with a baseball bat! I never really thought of what the day may be like when he passed away…he was Superman in my mind and would always be around.

Now, I am left with my 86 year old Mother (87 in January), and do my best to let her know everyday how much she is loved and appreciated. Does this mean I don’t get tired or frustrated? Of course not, I am human and so is she. I am sure I drive her bonkers at times. But at the end of the day, we would both move Heaven and Hell for the other.

imagesI was speaking with a very good friend tonight about how her father had passed a few years ago, and now she has some regrets about missed opportunities with him. We both said that no matter how tired and how frustrated we get with our parents, we must always remember that, once they’re gone, we cannot get them back.

LOVE & APPRECIATE your parents – they’re the only ones you’ll ever get the chance to have! 🙂

PS – I still talk to my Dad (with my friend’s Dad too)…being a Medium comes in handy! 😉