How to select which Medium/Psychic is the right one to read for you

How to select which Medium/Psychic is the right one to read for you

20 Sep, 2017
Richard Pedersen
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Hi Everyone,

Jumping back in with another LONG OVERDUE blog posting for you all. So many things have happened over the past year with my wife’s battle with Cancer and then the home we rented was listed for sale. I am pleased to inform you all that Paula is doing much better and I want to thank you all for your love, concern, support and prayers. She is almost finished her post chemo, post radiation treatments. At present, she is Cancer free and we pray she remains this way for the rest of her life. The home we rented finally sold back in the late Spring and we moved into a much smaller dwelling for the time being. Have I mentioned how stressful moving is? It is such a draining experience, but we made it through! ūüôā

So, I want to discuss today the “process” for selecting the right person to do your reading. Now, you may think that most anyone that does this line of work will do, but that is not the case. I encourage people to do their research first, no differently than you would for any other Practitioner or business service. Go to their website and read Client Testimonials, ask around if anyone has heard of the Reader or has had a personal experience. ¬†Most Readers gain new Clients via word of mouth, but the Internet has definitely made finding a Reader much easier. ¬†Once you have narrowed your search, I recommend using the most valuable tool available – more powerful than the Internet – use YOUR Intuition! ¬†Follow your “gut”. ¬†If you get a natural feel about the Reader, a sense of comfort or being drawn in to see them – that is how you make your selection! ¬†All the glitzy advertising and brochures should not be what makes you go to have a reading done by them. ¬†Remember, inside us all we have 2 things “Spirit” & “Ego”. ¬†Allow your Spirit to guide you through life and your decisions will not only become easier, they will also be much more inclined to keep you on your proper path. ¬†Also, do not be offended if a Reader says to you that they are not the right person to read for you. ¬†As a Reader, I have turned Clients away that I knew I could not help due to what they were seeking or were needing another style of session. ¬†I like to be 100% up front with my Clients and doing a reading that I do not feel is proper or may not deliver the results the Client wants would waste my time and their money. ¬†Ethics MUST be present 100% of the time, especially in this line of work. ¬†The Reader must be able to deliver a message in a grounded and responsible manner. ¬†Personally, I avoid the “fluffy” side of the industry and refuse to deliver a message that is not understandable or relate-able for my Client. ¬†Make sure the Reader you see is of the similar mind set, as I have heard some pretty far fetched messages relayed by Clients that have left them confused and me shaking my head. ¬†As a Reader, I have a substantial responsibility to deliver a message but also ensuring the message does not scare or make my Client feel worried about things to come.

I hope this helps you in making your selection when finding a Reader and remember – use your Intuition – it is there for a reason!


Until next time,


Richard ūüôā

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