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31 Oct, 2015
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Hello Friends,

Time for another blog entry and today I want to talk about the word “Love”.  No other word has such an intense & diverse meaning and is known globally by the good old “heart” shape.  Isn’t it interesting that we use expressions such as “heart felt”, “speaking from the heart”, to emphasize an action or comment as being emotion based. It is also very interesting how our “Heart Chakra” is the emotion center.

We use expressions such as “I love playing hockey”, “I LOVE Chocolate!” or as one of my favorite comedians Will Ferrell said in the hilarious movie “Anchorman”:

Love is such an amazing “state”, as it also can combine many other emotions with it and makes things “interesting” to say the least. We really need to sit down and think about emotions and how they help us exist in our physical world and also how they can get out of alignment and can control us as well. I have surprised many females with my ability to express my emotions in an unabashed, controlled manner. A large number of both genders are very reserved about expressing their emotions or demonstrating them, as society seems to have branded it as being weak. On the contrary, it takes great strength to be secure in yourself to be able to express emotion and when we hide our emotions it is usually out of embarrassment or insecurity, a form of weakness. As a Medium, I MUST be able to express emotions or I would never be able to adequately relay messages from Spirit. Messages often times are cloaked with emotion and the emotion is key to the message being complete and understood by the receiver.
When we think about the emotion of “Love”, it can also bring out other emotions such as Passion, Jealousy, Fear, Anger, Hate, Sadness, etc. However, “True Love” comes from our Spirit and the other emotions come from our “Ego”. This is what we need to talk about today.

Our Ego takes a lot of flack as being negative or bad. I say that Ego is an important part of “who” we are, as it is the other part of our being. It protects us, it helps guide our path but we need to know when to surrender it to our Spirit side and allow that light to be the one we truly follow. Our Ego loves to be stroked like a cat and craves attention, especially from our “Significant Other” (spouse/partner). Often times we may have something that triggers our insecurities and we both want and need to know we are loved. The important thing to remember in all our interactions is that we all function at differing levels when it comes to being expressive and demonstrative. As stated earlier, I am very comfortable telling and showing those I care about that they are loved and important to my world. However, we still have to be cognisant that what we are comfortable expressing may not be comfortable for the receiver and may really tip them over the edge to have to express in return, even if in a close relationship with them. Sometimes our personal comfort zones can clash and then this leads to “hurt feelings”. Personally, I try to adjust for each person and approach it in a manner they can receive comfortably. Now, this is not always easy and can sometimes leave MY Ego feeling somewhat unfulfilled but that is also part of my journey to surrender Ego a little more each time to Spirit.

Remember, “LOVE” is not just a word…it is not just a “Descriptor”…it is a “State Of Being”. “True Love” is from our core being, our Spirit and is pure, non-expecting, giving, caring, nurturing. When someone we care about tells us they Love us, drink it into your soul. When they do something that shows they love you, it has even more value than a spoken word as they are proving the emotion in physical form.

I want to share a very pertinent image below that I read online last night a dear friend posted. It will help you to know you’re loved without someone saying “I love you” and if you remember this you can surrender your Ego a little bit more to Spirit and thank the person for helping you do so!…………………so, to my friend “thank you” for posting this reminding comment we all need to see. 😉 <3

Other Ways to say I love you

Richard 🙂

hands forming hearts

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