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Spirit Guides

14 Oct, 2015
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Hello again friends,

Here’s a question I often get asked: “What is a Spirit Guide and does everyone have one?”

Well, those are tricky questions, but actually easy to answer.

Yes, everyone has one or more Spirit Guides to help them along their life path. Most people do not “know” who their Guides are because they don’t take time to foster the relationship between themselves and their Guides.

It is really no different than going to an event that is full of strangers, sitting in the corner and no t socializing with anyone. Behaviour (there’s that “-our” Canadian spelling again) such as that will ensure you have a low probability of meeting someone new. How is it any different than taking the time to meet your Spirit Guide? If you do not open your mind and heart to meeting them, you likely will not have any interactions.

So, what is a Spirit Guide? I feel the graphic below sums it up quite nicely (except, I don’t visualize them as Angels – that is another topic entirely!).

Interpersonal spirit guides

First, you need to be open to the possibilities of another life form being able to connect with you from another dimension…


…did everyone just leave the room?

Okay, good – those of you that stayed are at least willing to hear what I am talking about – thank you! 🙂

So, as the graphic says – a Spirit Guide can originate from human, animal or extraterrestrial origin. Now, I know this may sound extremely bizarre at first glance. However, who says that it is not possible?

Interstellar, the movieI LOVED the 2014 movie “Interstellar” and highly recommend you watch it.  The story involves humankind’s need to find another planet to live on, due to exhausting food resources on Earth due to over population.


The movie also has to deal with technical issues involving E=MC2 and “Multiverses”.  The possibility of Multiverses or Parallel Dimensions are seriously discussed by Physicists and how they may tie into our existence.  The movie addresses this topic, along with “ghosts” in a very intriguing manner.  Perhaps “ghosts” are nothing more than someone in a parallel dimension that is able to see and hear us and is trying to communicate.  A fascinating concept when you take a moment to think about it in detail.

What if there was another you in a parallel dimension right now that was out fishing, while you sit there reading this blog entry?  What if that copy of “you”, somehow became aware of your existence and tries to communicate with you through the barrier called the “veil”?  What if you could see/hear another you and you were trying to connect with him/her?

5d wormholeAt this point, I will say that a Spirit Guide is a person, animal or ET that communicates with our “Higher Self” to help us along our life path.

I work with 3 Guides (human) but have had many experiences in past life regressions with E.T.’s and animals.

I encourage all of you to try to connect with your Guide(s) in a meditation. Let them know you’re ready to work with them and receive their messages and guidance. Ask them to reveal themselves to you. Ask for their name, make a mental note of how they look, clothing they may be wearing, smells, do they speak, are they male or female?

This is a really big topic to try to tackle in a brief blog entry, but it is so worthwhile! Once you connect with them, you will want to keep on connecting! In the meantime, go watch the movie “Interstellar”, and then after you watch it, check out this cool documentary from the Discovery Channel about the movie! Interstellar Documentary

Drop me a line below, I would love to hear some of your adventures with your Guides and stories of your first meeting.

Richard 🙂

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