I felt compelled to write to you and let you know some of the outcome of our reading earlier this spring…

I have to admit, there was one part of our reading session that, inside of me, I hoped wouldn’t come true…but cautionary messages, like the one I received from spirit during our reading, are sent for a reason.

For awhile after my reading, I went back and forth in my mind, wondering if I should share things that were said during my reading with my Son, who was days away from getting his driver’s licence…and the day he got his licence, I decided to share.

I shared it with him reluctantly, but felt that, because he was a new driver and because of the cautionary message I received from spirit, it was better to let him know that things can happen when you are driving that you won’t even see coming. And, I wanted him to be aware of the impact a vehicle is capable of, in hopes that if it was in his head, he would exercise more caution.

The cautionary message was that you saw a crash scene involving my Son and what you thought was a big truck carrying logs of some sort, but that there would be no fatalities

I just wanted to share with you what happened this past Wednesday night.

My Son and his best friend David, had driven out to Richmond to do some go-cart racing. They were leaving the area afterwards, to make their way home, and my Son had taken a left turn about a block or so away from the go-cart arena. He misjudged his turn, and he and David ended up wrapped around a telephone pole, totalling his Dad’s truck. The first thing that came to mind was the message I received through you regarding the crash scene you saw during our reading… mostly because of what they hit.

Steps away from the crash was a trucking yard, in which a driver was sleeping in his Semi. He heard the crash and came out of his truck right away to see if the boys were okay…and by some miracle, they came out of it without as much as a scratch on either of them.

I was talking with the boys last night because David also knew about the reading, and Jason (my son) turned to me and said how uncanny it was that so many things lined up with the reading and the crash, and that the weirdest thing of all is that when they hit the pole (and both boys attested to this) that it felt more like hitting a pillow than a pole!

After seeing the vehicle, I was sick to my stomach, and couldn’t figure out why on earth they weren’t hurt, but obviously very grateful at the same time. But in an instant, I had this feeling that someone saved them somehow…and during our conversation last night, both boys said that, in the moment it happened, they both felt the same because why would it feel like a cushion to them, rather than a hard impact?

David’s Dad passed away when the boys were 12. I am thankful to you for the reading I received, and I am so very thankful to spirit for saving our boys. And, if it was David’s dad who was there with him, then it gives me huge peace of mind, knowing that we all have someone watching over us.

02 Aug 2017
Surrey, BC

I would like to sincerely thank you for your in depth reading. You obviously care deeply about people, and it was so evident in the personal reading that you gave me. I was truly touched.

02 July 2017
Kati W.
Surrey, BC

Hi, Richard,

It was really nice to meet you, and I thank the Universe for connecting us, at a much-needed time. You simplified things for me, and I feel like a big burden has lifted off my shoulders, and I feel much more calm and confident. I look forward to the meditation link and the audo recording.

God bless you. 🙂


26 May 2017
Surrey, BC

I am writing this testimonial with the intention of letting people know how professional and understanding
Richard is when taking on a case.

My story started a few years ago. I am a 54-year-old businessman, with a company I’ve been running for 25
years. I am highly educated and very science-minded.

I was raised with the belief that the paranormal is not real, and people experiencing such things have some
type of mental disorder. This was until it happened to me.

I had purchased a house as an investment, and could not figure out why, being that it was in a great area and
in good shape, it was not occupied. Within a few months of moving in, strange things began happening;
unexplained noises, knocking, etc.

As time went by, I began having health issues, one after another. I was told there was nothing physically
wrong with me, and so I dismissed it. I also went through the motions of explaining to myself, that each of the
other odd things had a rational reason.

Things escalated to the point where I was physically attacked by something I could not see. At this point,
everything I had been taught and believed in, was put to the side. I had to come to the conclusion that when
all rational explanations do not fit, then what is left, has to be the truth. This was very difficult for me to

After doing some research in the field of paranormal investigation, I decided to contact Richard, as he looked to
me as the most credible. When I first met with Richard, I explained that I was having these serious problems, as
well as with coming to terms that it is real. Richard understood exactly what I was going through. He made me
feel at ease, and assured me he could help.

I immediately could see that Richard was gifted, when he told me of things that were happening to me,
physically, of which he could not have had previous knowledge.

I have since had Richard and his team to my house, and I can say the professional way in which they conduct an
investigation and using equipment to scientifically confirm things, was reassuring. I am confident in Richard’s
ability to resolve my problems, and would recommend him to anyone that finds themselves in a similar

Because I am involved in the business community, I do not want to reveal my name, as I understand that, for
the majority of people, including myself, you must personally experience these things before you accept them
as real.

My thanks to Richard and his team for all the help and support getting through this difficult time.

11 July 2016
Langley, BC

I would like to thank Richard for my very precise reading I recently had with him. Within a very short time he zoned in on exactly what my struggle was.

I am typically a person who can charge ahead, despite life’s bumps along the way, but had found myself very emotionally stuck with a recent change in my life. Richard very delicately guided me through steps I need to take to move forward. I came away from that reading with a wonderful ‘tool box’ of strategies to enable me to move onward and upwards!

This was an experience of someone getting right to the core of ME! It was wonderful!

Richard’s readings are full of compassion and insight, and I would highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for personal guidance in their life!

23 June 2016
Vancouver, BC

I started Level 1 without even knowing fully what Richard’s circles were all about. I’m adventurous like that.

I had heard about it briefly from a friend, and decided to try it. I loved it so much!

I have now successfully completed Level 2 as well, and look forward to continuous levels in the future.

Richard is an amazing facilitator, and has helped me grow, not only as an energy healer, but as a person on the whole. Richard has very acute abilities and it’s such a pleasure to have him guide us through our growth.

Thank you Richard, for continuously supporting us and empowering us. I love my circle time!!!

03 May 2016
Amber C.
Surrey, BC

Thank you so much, Richard! Yesterday’s reading was fantastic. You hit on many points that I need to take note of. You also validated some thoughts/feelings I was having.

Your analogy with the hourglass was particularly impactful, and has been sticking forefront in my mind – even this morning.

I will take a look at the video links you attached………can’t wait!

Thank you for all of your time and expertise! I can tell you are passionate about teaching people the things you understand.

I will definitely sign up for your services again….as well as tell all my friends and family!

Have a great day….hope it’s sunny there for you today.

17 April 2016
L. H.
Penticton, BC


I want to thank you for the amazing sessions that I have had with you as well as my husband.

I have found them to be very powerful, and the 2 sessions I have had, have helped me in my own spiritual journey, as well as heal some old wounds.

08 February 2016
Vancouver, BC

2 days ago I experienced one of the most intense (and quite scary) encounters with a ghost/spirit, of my life (and there have been many). I was advised to seek help right away.

My friend Rick Pedersen, of http://psychicreadingsbyrichard.com, came right over, picked up on what was happening and helped this spirit cross over in a good way. I’m SO THANKFUL for this service and the rational, kind, easy way he does his work and explains everything. If you ever need a reading or would like develop your skills through a spirit circle, Rick is a great facilitator and highly adept Psychic. I highly recommend him.


02 December 2015
Solah N.
Vancouver, BC

Thank you, Richard, for doing my reading the other day. You had mentioned right away how you had an image of a little boy named David who had come through to you, and we had deduced that this little boy David was now in fact my son, Jaden, in a new incarnation.

This information was all quite interesting to me, so out of curiosity when I got home, I asked my two year old son on several different occasions, “Who is David?” And, he replied, “Me”.

Now, he is a late bloomer with talking, so there is a lot that he is chattering about, so I have also been asking him, “Who is John?” “Who is Nathan?” “Who is Ethan?”, etc., and he did not have the same reply. He would simply say, “No”.

Thought you might like to know that, as I was quite surprised with his answer. How interesting!

Thank you.

9 December 2015
Mia P.
Vancouver, BC

Hi, Richard;

It was awesome to meet you. Thank you so very much for making your way out to my place. You are such a wonderful and comforting soul. I really appreciate the reading and look forward to seeing you again in the near future.

Have a Merry Christmas and best wishes to you and your family!!

With love,

5 December 2015
Coquitlam, BC

Hello Richard;

You’re an angel. I can’t express how you have changed my life. I feel alive for the first time in my life and starting to love myself. You gave me my life back, and my son is starting to have the healthy mom he deserves…he tells all of his friends of the special NHL hockey puck you gave him, he treasures it ❤.

In the near future I will come see you again. Thank you kindly for the extra time, and offering your home to me after hours.

Oh and yes, all settled in to our new place, we love it! Many blessings to you and your family.

19 August 2015
Surrey, BC

Dear Richard,

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

We really appreciate you visiting our home to investigate and ‘clear’ the disruptive areas that were causing our dear dog Sadie anxiety.

The fact that you pinpointed areas directly related to items previously belonging to my deceased father, was truly amazing. It all made sense! It was also validation that Sadie was sensing something and I was not imagining her escalated anxiety. I am pleased to say, Sadie roams the house freely, without hesitation.

A special thanks for relaying the message from my mother. It has been many years since she passed, so it was very comforting to receive her message of love.

Besides your obvious Mediumship and Psychic abilities, your professionalism and caring attitude are other reasons I would recommend you to my family and friends.

Richard, you are always welcome in our home. Thanks again.

18 August 2015
Karen and Angelo
Surrey, BC

Hi, Richard;

Thank you so much for yesterday. It really was amazing. I will definitely see you again one day. All of the girls were so happy. You have sparked a desire for inner peace in each of us, and I will be working on finding clarity and learning to let go of the negative weight that drags me down. Your gift is amazing. See you again.

03 August 2015
Mission, BC

Thank-you Richard, for coming to my home on June 19th to offer psychic readings for a group of friends of mine. We all had a GREAT time and everyone seemed to really like their readings. We were a little shocked by some of them but it was a good fascinating kind of shock! I think Taylor Wheeler can agree with me!

It was a really fun way to spend time with friends. You are good at what you do and I wish you continued success, my friend.

16 July 2015
Jennifer A.
North Vancouver, BC

Thanks Richard!

We all had such an amazing time! Everyone really felt that they got what they needed out of the evening. Thank you so much.

25 April 2015
Delta, BC

Re: Circle Development Meditation Class

If you are considering taking this class, I want to say that I highly recommend it. It is a wonderful introduction to how energy levels affect us, and how we can use them on a daily basis. I have used his guided mediation techniques and grounding exercises in my daily life, and have noticed quite a change in myself in how I approach various situations. I truly appreciate everything Richard has taught me during this course.

05 April 2015
Alison L.
Surrey, BC

Richard, you were absolutely incredible with your intuition, reading and helping me release! My gratitude is truly overwhelming, and I thank you so much for everything! I am still thinking about different things and they are coming at random times! It was Wonderful that I did not have any nightmares last night, just some processing going on, but nothing scary! Richard, how can I thank you enough for getting my butt in gear and return to my life once again. I woke up ready to go in a straight line, errands to run, and only concentrate on one thing at a time. Time to move on in a concrete way! Richard, although I was surprised by yesterday’s turn of events, I am so happy it played out the way it did! You were amazing, taking the time to help me! Looking forward to next time for coffee! Hugs.

02 April 2015
Langley, BC

Thanks Richard, I really appreciated the reading with you. What you do is a really cool thing and it really helped me into what I was searching for. It’s really weird to see that you can get all these information without even knowing who I am in person, it’s very impressive. Well done Richard, thanks again!

17 February 2015
Jacob D
Saint Georges De Beauce, QC

I was planning a night to get together with my sister, daughter and a couple of my cousins. I wanted to think of something fun to do while we were having our visit.  I asked Richard  to come over and do a reading for all of the people at the party.

It was so much fun, so interesting and had such an intimate feeling of togetherness.  As one person is getting their reading done, the others are all visiting, eating, drinking and laughing.  As the first is finished, another person went.  It was at this time that we got the chance to talk about the reading, what details he told, what predictions he made.

Oh, the fun we had! And then, after everyone had their reading done, we had the absolute pleasure of Richard joining us and explaining the supernatural work he has done, and is doing.  The stories he told us gave us shivers, as his experienced way of telling them was like we were right there with him.

If anyone has a chance to have Richard over to do a reading, or like we did, a group reading, I would strongly recommend it. This was an absolute hit for the party and for each individual.

Thank you again Richard for coming!!

19 December 2014
Judy P
White Rock, BC

Hi Richard,

While I wait to hear back from you, I wanted to write a little testimonial:

I saw you on Monday, down on the water in White Rock. You immediately put me at ease, which I very much appreciated. My reading was a difficult one, as I am going through a tumultuous period in my life. When you turned the final card over, and it was the Tower, I knew I was in for it… but I do appreciate how you let me know that while everything will crumble, I will rebuild, and so much stronger.

You are a loving energy that I trusted immediately and will be coming to see on a regular basis. Thank you for sharing your gift with me, and with my friend Linda. I look forward to seeing you again in the near future.

With big hugs,

01 September 2014
Johanna S
White Rock, BC

Good evening Richard,

Thank you so much for the fruitful reading. I feel so released and happy for the messages from the other side. Anneliese was a very wise loving woman. I was so blessed to know her. Thanks for helping Julie (my birth mother) to give her some peace.
Thanks again, enjoy your evening. Aloha!

01 September 2014
Maggie K
Surrey, B.C.

Thank you for taking the time to read for me, and to be authentic. It is rare to come across people who speak the truth with integrity, thank you! Also, the way you were able to remote-view the schematics of my office layout and tune in to the names and personalities of the people around me was amazing!

24 August 2014
Anna P
Surrey, B.C.

I walked in to have a reading with Richard. Knowing nothing about me, other than my first name, he proceeded to give me such detailed information about myself and my situation, I was absolutely amazed! He was a wonderful help, offering the guidance and validation I was seeking, as well as connecting with my loved ones. He’s a truly gifted person and I’m grateful for the unforgettable experience.

18 August 2014
Nancy M
Surrey, B.C.

Dear Richard,

I wish to express my deepest gratitude for taking the time to meet with me and with connecting me to the spirit realm. The experience was life changing, emotional and very personal.

During our session, you provided two validations; one was the name Antonio with the word “sapatos” and the other was a very minor car incident that involved one of my children. The first validation was about an intimate conversation between my mother and I, in which my mother recalled a story from her childhood. My mother described beautiful new shoes she received at age 3 and how her father, Antonio, placed her on his shoulders as they went to a festival. The second validation was about an incident that only members of my immediate family had knowledge of and yet you identified the person involved and exactly what occurred.

The experience of connecting with my father was emotional and satisfying. The main floor family room contained a pool table, which my father tried to describe as today’s “man cave.” My father taught my siblings and I how to play pool. I really enjoyed those times. My parents would have several families over for dinner and the men gathered around the pool table at a game of snooker. I enjoyed watching them play.

My father now knows he can connect through you with others and he wants to share this knowledge with others in the spirit realm.
Richard I continue to say, “Wow” and thank you. I know there is much to look forward to.
Thank you with all my heart.

17 December 2013
Posted By: Maggie
Client, B.C.

I want to thank Richard for the greatest gift. First, let me tell you the story. My Dad passed away at the age of 83 on August 19, 2012 in his home. He had many complications with his heart and with Diabetes. We knew that he wasn’t well but didn’t think he would leave us just yet. It was heartbreaking.

The following day Richard contacted me telling me had a message for me and, if I was up for it, to give him a call. I told him it had been a very hard day and I really wasn’t feeling like talking. I had no idea what kind of message he had for me.
My Dad had contacted Richard the day after he passed with a message to our family. Without going into all the details let me just say that we were left with many questions about why my Dad was the way he was. I never felt like he supported or loved me.
I always felt like I did everything wrong and could never make him happy or proud. My Mom also wondered why he treated her the way he did. Well, Richard’s message from my Dad was “please forgive me”. When the rest of my family heard this, they couldn’t believe it. There were also names of people given to Richard by my Dad that were shockingly true.
He also had given us a vision of an old family dog that he described and told us our Dad and the dog were reunited. It was my Dad’s best dog out of all the dogs we had over the years. It was all very emotional, but in the end it allowed all of us to forgive my Dad and finally have closure. We felt like all that emotional baggage had been lifted from our shoulders. The gift Richard gave me was to finally hear that my Dad was sorry and loved me very much. My family and I can’t thank him enough.

09 September 2012
Posted By: Marlies
Client, Maple Ridge, B.C.

Dear Richard,

It is hard for me to put into words how much your reading meant to me. We had only met once before for a very short time at presentation you gave. It was very obvious to me that you connected with John. The details you zeroed in on proved correct in all respects. Details you could not possibly have heard from anyone but him.

I have always believed in Spirit, because of my own experiences and this was just further confirmation. I am sure most people would benefit having a reading, even if they don’t connect with the Spirit they wish to they will always receive something. I believe the work you and your group are engaging in will be of great benefit to many. All the Best and Thank you again so very much.

27 October 2010
Posted By: Verona
Client, Maple Ridge, B.C.

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